Friday, July 22, 2011

Project June Birthstone

YS wanted the sweetest gift for his wife: a bespoke 18KT gold ring that symbolised the birth of his daughter, who was born in June. He passed us this picture and asked if we could use this as an abstract inspiration. 

We found a gorgeous, creamy baroque south sea pearl and set it in the midst of a diamond-studded garden of flowers and vines. The pearl represented his daughter, given that she was a June baby, and the fullness of the it was a nod towards the picture he sent us. The garden theme symbolised fertility, a nurturing and warmth, and we included our signature intricate details of tiny 3-D diamond-studded flowers, shoots and leaves.  

 When worn

The detailing is different all around the ring -- we deliberately kept it asymmetrical.

Peek of three-dimensional diamond-studded flowers 

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