Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Project Birthstone-Three

T wanted to do something really special for his wife's, A, birthday. Because her birth month was September, he thought that she'd like a sapphire. The bespoke project took another significant meaning too -- they had welcomed a beautiful baby boy and T wanted to commemorate that occasion. 

The project started out as a surprise: sweet T even created a separate e-mail account and called us from work so A wouldn't suspect a thing. ;) But after the sapphire was chosen -- a very rare, grey-aquamarine shade that had amazing brilliance --, he decided that it would be best if A took over the designing lest he create something she didn't like. 

A told us that while she loved our aesthetic of organic asymmetry, she wasn't sure if it was something she would wear in the long term. Thus, she felt that a more classic aesthetic would be appropriate -- especially given the heirloom significance of the project. (We figure A would be passing it down to her children and grandchildren in future). 

Thus, we both decided on the "estate" look -- a frame of diamonds covered the sapphire and a milgrained half-eternity band was created. However, A requested our label's signature leaves and vines that curved all around the bezel, because it was subtle enough for classic aesthetic, while showcasing our artisanal strengths. We, and more importantly A and T, loved the finished product. :) 

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