Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Project Pear Diamond Feather

D was very typical of our male clients, giving us a brief set of instructions, and then giving us full creative control over the outcome of the ring. We think we do our best work in those situations and are mighty chuffed by the outcome of this engagement ring project. 

D is a huge proponent of up-cycling being an entrepreneur in the sustainability field himself and thus passed us a couple of old jewellery pieces to see if we could incorporate elements of it into this project. Amongst the things was his mother's beautiful pear-shape diamond, certified by HRD, and he gave us the following brief: a) an asymmetrical band, b) feathers because his girlfriend, C, had a tattoo of it; c) glamorous and elegant (meaning no over-the-top glamour bordering on vulgarity. ;) )

Please click to enlarge the image. 

We did a split shank in the tradition of the classic half-eternity band. Our favourite part of the ring was the bezel where we created the motif of three different-sized feathers that had diamonds embedded in them. Two tiny diamond-studded prongs were used too, in a continuation of our label's aesthetic and the project was punctuated with a personalised phrase, chosen by D.

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