Monday, August 29, 2011

(S)kinship: Earth, Family and Self- JUJUBE® + Choo Yilin + VICCAL™

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Ecological designer brand JUJUBE®, natural skincare label VICCAL™ and sustainable jewellery brand Choo Yilin come together to present their take on (S)kinship; with products surrounding that theme; exploring relationships with the earth, family and self.

JUJUBE® Ecological Apparel's Sands of Infinity collection was inspired by a vision of a quiet sun setting upon a boundless desert in a post-apocalyptic world, where life has become scarce after humanity’s relentless plundering of the Earth. It reminds us of the limitations of our mortality against the infinity of nature's. Using a neutral palette of beiges and browns with hints of orange, the style here is a blend of minimalism and fluidity, characteristic of the desert's sand dunes.

Sustainable jewellery brand Choo Yilin responds to clients' requests, offering the label's best loved pieces, in personally chosen gemstones and colourways. In addition, the brand will showcase the first of its birthstone jewellery line. With this, clients have daily reminders of their loved ones through the jewellery they wear, where each special person and their kinship is represented through their birthstone piece.

Even closer to home, VICCAL™ reveals moments of truth in the skincare industry, delving into the world of “miracle” ingredients and what truly works for healthy skin. As much as one needs to focus on the important people in their lives, you also need to take care of yourself. Founder Vicky Xie will share how anyone can understand their skin and its personalised needs whilst giving away samples of VICCAL™’s product range of 100% natural actives skincare solutions.

Date: 10 September 2011, Saturday

Time: 1100 - 1800 hrs

Venue: Piece Of Mine

16 Mohamed Sultan Road,


Singapore 238965

(+65) 6440 4886


(+65) 9112 8117

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