Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Story of Bezel v2.0

We're introducing a capsule collection, the Bezell v.2.0 series, a continuation of last year's inaugural bezel collection that our clients and the media applauded as extremely versatile. It'll be launched on 20 August, together with two wonderful designer brands: Mother And Child Project, a fashion social enterprise that works exclusively with marginalised communities in Singapore, and Piece Of Mine, a furniture brand that specialises in creative, up-cycled designs. 

On our part, we've always been big proponents of using jewellery design as a tool to advocate for important environmental messages; this series tackles the modern woman's need for variety and choice while minimising waste at the same time. This is achieved by incorporating significantly different looks within the same piece, resulting in three distinct looks from a single pair of earrings. In continuation of the label's homage to the UN's International Year of Forests, this series retains that signature style of tree bark and twig textures.

We haven't been able to shoot everything yet as these are fresh out of the studio but do stay tuned as we upload more colour ways and designs in the next few weeks. Do come on by on the 20th of August if you can -- we're launching a sneak peek of the designs before they hit the stores in early September.

Three ways to wear this pair of earrings. (1) Just the pair of hooks; (2) With the main brilliant-cut oval gemstone; (3) With the trio of of brilliant-cut rounds. 

The flip ring -- creating two entirely different looks. The pink amethyst gem on one side and a trio of blue sapphire, green sapphire and amethyst on the other. 

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