Friday, September 30, 2011

Tying the Knot rings

Please click on the image to enlarge. On the left, the ring is plain while on the right, it is diamond studded.

Most of our engagement ring clients come to us, wanting it to be a surprise for their female counterparts. On the other hand, this means that their significant other wouldn't have a part in the process of the project, a situation that we're becoming increasingly familiar with.

To preserve the surprise and have both halves of the couple's participation in the design process, we've launched the Tying the Knot rings. Acting as a stand in engagement ring, the couple may choose to work with us on a bespoke project of their own, with this ring used to offset such a project. For any of you who might be wondering, our bespoke projects take at least 2 months to complete, from conceptualisation to the finished piece.

As a cheeky homage to the traditional phrase 'Tying the Knot', the design has a literal knot, with our signature aesthetic of milgraining on the borders and organic texturing that you see so often on our bespoke projects. As a final sentimental touch, we've also engraved the words "Marry me" on the inside of the shank.

We've done this design in silver, with a plain option or with diamonds. For a more luxe alternative, we've also done it in 18KT gold, also with diamonds.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mad for moonstones

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We know June is long past, but we're still mad for the birthstone of that month, moonstones!

Here is a pair of moonstone studs we did, with diamond studded leaves cusping the stones set in 18KT gold. The client, D, wanted them to look like pearls, and we searched the production floor for ages for the perfect pearly moonstone. Eventually we found a large moonstone which we re-cut for a pair, so that each side would be identical.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jade Si Dian Jin Project

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Having done complex Si Dian Jin projects in the past, S heard about us and approached us to work on a similar project of her own. For those not acquainted with the term, a Si Dian Jin project is a wedding trousseau of four pieces that a mother-in-law gifts to her new daughter-in-law.

As we pride ourselves in preserving and at the same time, updating tradition by making such traditional pieces more accessible to the current generation, what better collection to use for a Si Dian Jin project than our Jade collection? We set out with the jade collection in the hope to tell people that anyone of any age can wear jade, that it is as timeless as any other precious or semi-precious stone.

S was already a fan of our Jade collection, and it was decided that her Si Dian Jin would consist of 3 pieces from our ready to wear collection, plus a special customised piece. We've taken our jade shoulder dusters and made them even more luxe, by adding our diamond studded leafy vine hooks, along with an extra trio of gemstones on the jade. In addition, we've included the all-important aspect of versatility that brides-to-be want from bridal pieces so that they may be worn after the wedding; detachable hooks and drops that may be worn separately. They're being worked on as we speak, so here's a sketch from K to tide you over.

We'll be showcasing other customised ready-to-wear, as well as full bespoke pieces at our event this Saturday. We'd love it if you came by for a chat, or just to have a look at these pieces that we've enjoyed making!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Shabby Chic Affair: Behind the Veil + Love, Yu + Choo Yilin

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Bridal designer brands Love, Yu and Choo Yilin have always had a secret obsession for celebrating the union of two souls out in the open – green gardens, blooming flowers, and mother nature as the backdrop. That, together with shabby-chic touches, would create a glamorous yet intimate atmosphere – their idea of a perfect wedding. To fulfill a part of that dream, they’ve created pieces in homage to those inspirations and are hosting an intimate shabby-chic themed afternoon on 24th September at the Yu Studio.

Food and Wedding Conceptualist Lily Lim of Behind The Veil combines both her expertise in food and weddings by creating a shabby-chic, nature inspired dessert table for guests, with a variety of artisanal sweets as pretty as they are delicious, displayed in a way that makes it almost a sin to touch, let alone eat.

Be the first to see Love, Yu’s latest collection of bridal gowns, Effloresce, and ogle veil-designer extraordinaire Sara Gabriel’s bridal veils – Love, Yu being the only Singaporean stockist for this international brand.

Choo Yilin will be showcasing its bridal jewellery -- garden-inspired jade sets for bridal qi paos and si dian jins; its signature convertible shoulder-duster earrings that can be worn with both bridal and evening gowns, detached accordingly for even the most sober of occasions after the wedding; and sneak peeks of its existing wedding bands and engagement ring projects.

Date: 24 September 2011, Saturday

Time: 1100 - 1700 hrs

Venue: Love, Yu Studio

8 Mohamed Sultan Road,


Singapore 238958



(+65) 9112 8117


The Facebook Event Page

Monday, September 5, 2011

Project Sunrise Lily

A came to us, confidently stylish, determined to stay away not only from the traditional diamond solitaires, but also from the subtle, cool colours favoured by most. She wanted warmth and intensity and shared with us that she was deeply inspired by sunrises. Also, she loved our sculptural pieces and requested that we tried to incorporate that element into her engagement ring whilst ensuring that it was "wearable" for everyday use.

It was a natural choice for her to choose a padpadradscha spinel for the main gemstone because it was a perfect representation of the sky at sunrise. As her favourite flower was a lily, we thought to construct a three-dimensional version of it, with three diamond-studded delicate stamens that we were all extremely chuffed with. As with most of our other projects, we wove our signature diamond-studded leaves and vines around the entire piece, enhancing the artisanal look of the project.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cosmopolitan, Singapore. September, 2011.

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Cosmopolitan magazine finally hits Singapore with its September issue! Our bestselling Tiny Flower Jade ring gets a rare mention, many thanks to T for this!

We're launching our Tiny Flower Jade rings in new birthstone colourways next week, at our event on 10th September, we hope to see you there!