Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jade Si Dian Jin Project

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Having done complex Si Dian Jin projects in the past, S heard about us and approached us to work on a similar project of her own. For those not acquainted with the term, a Si Dian Jin project is a wedding trousseau of four pieces that a mother-in-law gifts to her new daughter-in-law.

As we pride ourselves in preserving and at the same time, updating tradition by making such traditional pieces more accessible to the current generation, what better collection to use for a Si Dian Jin project than our Jade collection? We set out with the jade collection in the hope to tell people that anyone of any age can wear jade, that it is as timeless as any other precious or semi-precious stone.

S was already a fan of our Jade collection, and it was decided that her Si Dian Jin would consist of 3 pieces from our ready to wear collection, plus a special customised piece. We've taken our jade shoulder dusters and made them even more luxe, by adding our diamond studded leafy vine hooks, along with an extra trio of gemstones on the jade. In addition, we've included the all-important aspect of versatility that brides-to-be want from bridal pieces so that they may be worn after the wedding; detachable hooks and drops that may be worn separately. They're being worked on as we speak, so here's a sketch from K to tide you over.

We'll be showcasing other customised ready-to-wear, as well as full bespoke pieces at our event this Saturday. We'd love it if you came by for a chat, or just to have a look at these pieces that we've enjoyed making!

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