Friday, September 30, 2011

Tying the Knot rings

Please click on the image to enlarge. On the left, the ring is plain while on the right, it is diamond studded.

Most of our engagement ring clients come to us, wanting it to be a surprise for their female counterparts. On the other hand, this means that their significant other wouldn't have a part in the process of the project, a situation that we're becoming increasingly familiar with.

To preserve the surprise and have both halves of the couple's participation in the design process, we've launched the Tying the Knot rings. Acting as a stand in engagement ring, the couple may choose to work with us on a bespoke project of their own, with this ring used to offset such a project. For any of you who might be wondering, our bespoke projects take at least 2 months to complete, from conceptualisation to the finished piece.

As a cheeky homage to the traditional phrase 'Tying the Knot', the design has a literal knot, with our signature aesthetic of milgraining on the borders and organic texturing that you see so often on our bespoke projects. As a final sentimental touch, we've also engraved the words "Marry me" on the inside of the shank.

We've done this design in silver, with a plain option or with diamonds. For a more luxe alternative, we've also done it in 18KT gold, also with diamonds.

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