Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jade Si Dian Jin Project

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A bride-to-be, S came to us looking for a Si Dian Jin project. Being a fan of our Jade collection, it was decided that the project would consist of 4 different pieces from the collection, with the highlight being a very luxe, modified pair of our Jade shoulder duster earrings.

As with many of the bridal pieces that we do, we brought a level of versatility to the Jade shoulder dusters; making them detachable for wear at other events not as formal as a wedding. For this project, we swapped out the usual studs on the shoulder duster for a pair of diamond studded leafy vine hooks, in 18KT gold.

The hooks can be worn alone, or with a combination of drops from the earrings at varying lengths, suitable for different occasions. Stay tuned for shots of more combinations!

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