Thursday, November 3, 2011

Project the More Sculptural, the Better

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E and J loved the Poppy Garden project we previously did, and that served as inspiration when K was designing this ring. The shank has a gnarly tree-bark texture which is our organic aesthetic, with the spinel held by twisting vines and framed by one of the most sculptural flowers we've done so far.

When we first found the spinel, it was a classic oval shape. Wanting to enhance the colour and brilliance of the stone, it was decided that our lapidary artisan work his magic on the gemstone and re-cut it into a cushion cut.

It was transformed; bringing out its true luster and colour, a very bold blue with slight undertones of green, a hue that we've come to love working with. The brilliance was enhanced greatly as well – alas, we couldn't capture this on camera.

The overall effect was sculptural and dramatic, with a feminine touch. We're happy to say that E and his partner are as happy with their finished piece as we are!

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