Saturday, December 31, 2011

Designare, Singapore. November, 2011.

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Thank you for making 2011 an unforgettable year for us, for allowing us to share stories of conservation and love with all of you. Not least of all, we're also incredibly grateful to the media for their support of our work.

Project Heirloom Set (part 3)

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As with most of our heirloom pieces, versatility was an important element, so that they can be worn both for both formal events, work as well as weekend-casual activities.

We've used our classic fancy leaf hooks, milgrained with the leaves and accents studded with diamonds. From the hooks hang the trellis vines, studded with 12 diamonds on each side, also heavily milgrained, which can only be done by hand. The spinel drops are framed by the trellis vines, encased in a bezel each set with 6 diamond leaves.

The trellis vines can be detached, with just the spinel drops hanging from the hooks, for a more informal look. As always, the hooks can also be worn alone for more discreet and subtle glamour.

The earrings match the engagement ring perfectly, with spinels of the same rare colour and leaf motifs on with pieces. The spinel on the ring is held by milgrained, diamond studded leaves of the same design on the earrings, with the shank carved in an artisanal bark-like texture to go with the theme.

And thus concludes our J-girl's engagement heirloom jewellery set.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sneak peek

Here's a sneak peek on what to expect come January 2012. We aren't telling the details yet but as usual, it tells a story of conservation. ;) 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Project Heirloom Set (part 2)

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We started the creation of the ring first, keeping in mind J-girl's temperament and likes: a subtle vintage glamour, nothing too ornate. The spinel was huge (we're not complaining) but this also meant that there were limits to how much we could dress it up; otherwise, there was a danger that the engagement ring would end up looking like a cocktail ring.

Thus, the finished product was a rather sedate ring but with our signature detailing: diamond-studded leaves that cusped the luminous spinel with our tree bark shank.

After we completed the ring, we started on the earrings -- to match the engagement ring. We'll be sharing the story soon.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Project Heirloom Set (part 1)

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J-girl worked directly with us, with J-boy giving her full carte blanche (lucky her!) to do anything. The budget was incredibly generous, but J-girl didn't want a diamond solitaire. She wanted something subtle and elegant, and yet at the same time knew that she wanted something clearly artisanal and distinctive -- a piece that she would not be able to get in the usual luxury boutiques in town.

She loved the idea of making an engagement heirloom set instead of the ring and we struck gold when we chanced, completely by accident actually(!), upon a set of dusty rose coloured spinels. The spinels made us think of shabby luxe at its finest. What was even more incredible was that given the nature of spinels, it was extremely rare to find spinels in sets and to find three matching stones made this find even rarer indeed.

With this in mind, we started the creation process. Stay tuned.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

AsiaSpa, Asia Pacific. September, 2011.

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Many thanks to K for the mention of our humble Leaf Necklace in AsiaSpa! We're pleased to say that they are still available on Doorstep Luxury :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 -- International Year of the Forest

The UN declared this year to be the international Year Of The Forest, placing special importance on raising awareness of how “forests and sustainable forest management can contribute significantly to sustainable development and poverty eradication”. We joined in the voices worldwide by using jewellery designs to raise awareness of this crucial issue. The media picked up on our pieces, and with their support, we raised awareness of the importance of forests to over 1 million people.

Aquamarine earrings -- birthstone for March

We also collaborated with Doorstep Luxury and the World Wildlife Fund to demonstrate that reforestation was fun and relevant to everybody, and not only to  hard-core environmentalists. With every purchase of our leaf necklace, we planted a baby tree in the purchaser’s name that was trackable on google earth.

To further reinforce the theme of how relevant forests are to us, we designed another collection of forest-inspired motifs with birthstones as the centerpiece. The idea was for clients to wear their loved ones on their body whilst paying homage to nature.

Black onyx earrings -- birthstone for July

2011 is drawing to a close but our work on raising awareness on the importance of forests has only just begun. Stay with us as we continue our journey weaving in the motifs of forests in our designs and working with non-profit groups on this important issue. Each Choo Yilin piece is designed to tell a story of conservation and start conversations. 

To purchase our tree-inspired series, please go to doorstep luxury

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Gift Giving Weekend: nana & bird + Choo Yilin

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Not done with Christmas shopping yet this year? Join Choo Yilin and nana & bird for a full weekend pop-up shop over both Saturday and Sunday, where they offer great gift ideas from their latest collections.

nana & bird will be showcasing international brands Heirloom and Marie Turnor, which are available exclusively at the nana & bird retail store. Heirloom draws from New York's upbeat, high-fashion world and LA's glitz and glam with perfect juxtaposition, bags for the classy individual. Marie Turnor offers artisanal pieces with aesthetics of practical things that are also beautiful, chic bags that are for the stylish. Celebrity clients for this label include Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Jeweller Choo Yilin will be having their latest collection, the Birthstone series. With a personalised stone used every month, and open-ended free size rings that fit any finger, this collection makes a great gift for loved ones. The label will also be offering select pieces from their popular Flower Jade and Tree collections from this year.

17th and 18th December
Saturday and Sunday

12 noon to 6pm

nana & bird
Blk 79 Chay Yan St,
Singapore 160079

(+65) 9112 8117
The Facebook Event Page

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ELLE, Singapore. November, 2011.

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Our Tying the Knot rings make an appearance in ELLE's Fashion Notebook for November. Thanks to S for this!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Audrey Magazine, USA. Fall issue, 2011.

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Here's one of our international media mentions from this year, featuring our well-loved Vine Trellis Bangle. Thanks to A for the shout out!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Female, Singapore. November, 2011.

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Our Tree collection in covered in an article about local jewellers, in Female. Many thanks to K for the feature!