Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 -- International Year of the Forest

The UN declared this year to be the international Year Of The Forest, placing special importance on raising awareness of how “forests and sustainable forest management can contribute significantly to sustainable development and poverty eradication”. We joined in the voices worldwide by using jewellery designs to raise awareness of this crucial issue. The media picked up on our pieces, and with their support, we raised awareness of the importance of forests to over 1 million people.

Aquamarine earrings -- birthstone for March

We also collaborated with Doorstep Luxury and the World Wildlife Fund to demonstrate that reforestation was fun and relevant to everybody, and not only to  hard-core environmentalists. With every purchase of our leaf necklace, we planted a baby tree in the purchaser’s name that was trackable on google earth.

To further reinforce the theme of how relevant forests are to us, we designed another collection of forest-inspired motifs with birthstones as the centerpiece. The idea was for clients to wear their loved ones on their body whilst paying homage to nature.

Black onyx earrings -- birthstone for July

2011 is drawing to a close but our work on raising awareness on the importance of forests has only just begun. Stay with us as we continue our journey weaving in the motifs of forests in our designs and working with non-profit groups on this important issue. Each Choo Yilin piece is designed to tell a story of conservation and start conversations. 

To purchase our tree-inspired series, please go to doorstep luxury

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