Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Gift Giving Weekend: nana & bird + Choo Yilin

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Not done with Christmas shopping yet this year? Join Choo Yilin and nana & bird for a full weekend pop-up shop over both Saturday and Sunday, where they offer great gift ideas from their latest collections.

nana & bird will be showcasing international brands Heirloom and Marie Turnor, which are available exclusively at the nana & bird retail store. Heirloom draws from New York's upbeat, high-fashion world and LA's glitz and glam with perfect juxtaposition, bags for the classy individual. Marie Turnor offers artisanal pieces with aesthetics of practical things that are also beautiful, chic bags that are for the stylish. Celebrity clients for this label include Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Jeweller Choo Yilin will be having their latest collection, the Birthstone series. With a personalised stone used every month, and open-ended free size rings that fit any finger, this collection makes a great gift for loved ones. The label will also be offering select pieces from their popular Flower Jade and Tree collections from this year.

17th and 18th December
Saturday and Sunday

12 noon to 6pm

nana & bird
Blk 79 Chay Yan St,
Singapore 160079

(+65) 9112 8117
The Facebook Event Page

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