Friday, December 23, 2011

Project Heirloom Set (part 1)

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J-girl worked directly with us, with J-boy giving her full carte blanche (lucky her!) to do anything. The budget was incredibly generous, but J-girl didn't want a diamond solitaire. She wanted something subtle and elegant, and yet at the same time knew that she wanted something clearly artisanal and distinctive -- a piece that she would not be able to get in the usual luxury boutiques in town.

She loved the idea of making an engagement heirloom set instead of the ring and we struck gold when we chanced, completely by accident actually(!), upon a set of dusty rose coloured spinels. The spinels made us think of shabby luxe at its finest. What was even more incredible was that given the nature of spinels, it was extremely rare to find spinels in sets and to find three matching stones made this find even rarer indeed.

With this in mind, we started the creation process. Stay tuned.

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