Saturday, December 31, 2011

Project Heirloom Set (part 3)

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As with most of our heirloom pieces, versatility was an important element, so that they can be worn both for both formal events, work as well as weekend-casual activities.

We've used our classic fancy leaf hooks, milgrained with the leaves and accents studded with diamonds. From the hooks hang the trellis vines, studded with 12 diamonds on each side, also heavily milgrained, which can only be done by hand. The spinel drops are framed by the trellis vines, encased in a bezel each set with 6 diamond leaves.

The trellis vines can be detached, with just the spinel drops hanging from the hooks, for a more informal look. As always, the hooks can also be worn alone for more discreet and subtle glamour.

The earrings match the engagement ring perfectly, with spinels of the same rare colour and leaf motifs on with pieces. The spinel on the ring is held by milgrained, diamond studded leaves of the same design on the earrings, with the shank carved in an artisanal bark-like texture to go with the theme.

And thus concludes our J-girl's engagement heirloom jewellery set.

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