Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project Engagement New York

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We received an e-mail from lovely T a couple of months ago who had found us through the internet. As she was based in New York, we communicated entirely through skype and e-mail. She and her boyfriend, D, were an absolutely amazing couple to work with -- amongst other things, they responded with detailed, organised pdf files(!) to our queries. Equally, we were extremely touched by the absolute trust they placed in us without having met us in person, nor having a single acquaintance in common.

T, like so many of our clients (and us!), loved the shabby-chic aesthetic. Thus, our aim for this project was to incorporate our signature diamond-studded leaves into the piece whilst keeping things fresh. We came up with the idea of having a filigree cut-out for the shank, keeping the detailed, dainty artisanal aesthetic that brings to mind of times past.

The unheated blue-green sapphire we picked out for her was unparalleled in its luster and brilliance and in this case, it seemed a crime to do anything to detract from its brilliance. We left the top of the ring empty, with only the tiniest bits of the diamond-studded leaves creeping up to cusp the stone.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, is Project Engagement New York, now safely on the hands of T.

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ESC Events & Invites said...

I love this story! T&D are awesome people by the way!