Friday, February 3, 2012

Project Sapphire Peranakan

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We're always very excited when a client requests for something new, especially when it has something to do with culture. C came to us and told us that he wanted a ring that was inspired by the Peranakan culture because his beloved, B, a Peranakan, was very passionate about the culture and aesthetic. Yet, at the same time, he wanted a piece that weaved in the elements of modernity.

We had long conversations with C because he was insistent that the ring, apart from it being aesthetically pleasing, had to convey the essence of B as authentically as possible. He even employed the help of B's best friend to sneakily take pictures of her favourite jewellery pieces and share more of B's personality.

This was one of the most difficult pieces we had worked on, because we were working on three main sapphires instead of just one. Finding flanking side sapphires that matched each other in size, colour and luster was a detailed, mammoth task (unexpected, actually). Finding matching side sapphires to match the main sapphire picked out presented an additional headache.

We finally succeeded in a trio that we were happy with though, and as a special bonus, the main sapphire was a colour-change one, that shifted from a pale rose-blush to a silvery-grey depending on the light. The colour chosen was not random: it was one of B's favourite, ascertained through careful sleuthing. The side gemstones were an unconventional grey-green, that gave the piece slightly more colour than the usual engagement piece.

So this was our nod to Peranakan culture whilst keeping to our usual themes or femininity, glamour and organic asymmetry. Congratulations B and C, and thank you for allowing us to stretch our design muscle with this one!

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