Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lavender Jade Adventure

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G and Uncle M have been taking long, rickety bus rides up from Bangkok to rural Thailand to visit the local gemstone artisans. On one of the visits, they were super excited to come across these rare lavender jade cabochon pieces. They're a beautiful, opaque sheen and the colour is a distinct contrast to the usual green in jade. In a classic case of 'heart ruling the head', they bought these beauties... and now the team can't decide what to do with them!

So, what is there to do? We decided to ask for your advice -- what are we to do with them? The best answer gets one of these little rare beauties as a prize.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Harper's Bazaar, Singapore. June 2012

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Gnossem is one of Harper's Bazaar's picks this year for best online shopping, and guess what? Yours truly stocks there :)

Harper's Bazaar, Singapore. June 2012.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Project Vintage Princess Diamond

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G was one of those lovely boyfriends who thought long and hard about how to make the ring perfect. One of the things he agonised about for ages was the choice between a sapphire and a diamond. In the end, he chose the latter as a nod towards tradition. It was fitting that the diamond was a princess cut, as he constantly referred to his girlfriend as "his princess". We hope she knows how much love and thought he put into the journey of creating of this ring. 

To continue with the theme of femininity, we worked to have a heavy frame of diamonds around the centre stone, flanked with heavy milgraining. We worked to have  the bezel woven through with our signature diamond-studded leaves, vines and heavy milgraining -- underscoring the vintage, heirloom theme.

G got in touch with us to say he finally proposed and his girl said yes! Congratulations to the lovely couple; this diamond project is one of our favourites yet."

Moonstones Sale (2-7 July, 2012)

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"Our sample sale was a blast! Big thanks to everyone who came down and shared our day. The flash sale has ended, but we have something new in store for those who missed it. To commemorate the end of June with its birthstone, we're launching our very first timed sale on facebook from 2 - 7 July. Here's how it works in 3 simple steps: 

(i) We're offering three of our best-selling designs in moonstone and you get to play designer and pick your own combination of colours -- your favourite moonstone, your favourite gilding colour and the tiny gemstone that accents the main moonstone. 

(ii) There will be a 5% discount for a single piece and 10% for two or more pieces bought. This is an online offer, only available through us from 2- 7 July 2012. 

(iii) E-mail info(at!)chooyilin.com for more details!