Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We have launched our Personalised VIP Shopping Service, where our personal stylists would travel to your doorstep to offer in-person consultations for individuals and groups. 

This idea actually came from you, our clients, so we hope you like it that we have brought the shopping to you busy bees! Said founder and principal designer Choo Yilin, “It started out when our clients told us they couldn’t make it for our pop-up events because they were travelling but really wanted to purchase some of our pieces. They would host tea or themed night parties in the comfort of their own living room with champagne and canapes, enjoying manicures and our jewellery. They mentioned that it was infinitely more fun than shopping in town because they could avoid the crowds and the traffic jams.”

Added Tammy Soh, designer to the label, “Then, we realised that our overworked clients in their offices wanted to treat themselves at work but they just had too much to do and simply couldn’t make time to go shopping in town. Some requested for us to host these informal office parties and we thought that it was such a fabulous idea that we’ve formalised this.”  

The host(ess) of the party for 10+ guests will be gifted with up to 20% credit voucher of the day’s expenditure, while a host to a party of 5 guests enjoys a 10% credit.

#designyourstory with us today by booking a free birthstone consultation for yourself and/or your friends to enter our $500 Choo Yilin Gift Voucher Prize Draw.

Book your Choo Yilin luxury personal shopper today - free for a limited period until 31 Dec 2013. Make an appointment and contact info@chooyilin.com for more details.

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