Sunday, November 3, 2013

Project Peranakan Olympics

A story that spans across 3 continents as one amazing man, M, carefully plans that perfect engagement ring for the love of his life, K. M was based in London and wrote us a heart-warming letter describing his intention in getting a ring that had its own story to tell. He wanted a ring that captured the personal elements of their relationship his then-girlfriend K, before going down, metaphorically, on bended knees asking her hand in marriage.

M, an Australian, was involved in the 2012 Olympic Games and was thus based in London. On the other hand, K, a Singaporean, was based in Australia. Given that our team was based in both Singapore and Bangkok, we had to thank technology for much of the communication.

Because of K’s Peranakan heritage, the one requirement he had for us was that the ring had to contain strong elements of her culture. Weaving that with the unheated sapphire centrepiece, we were careful not overwhelm the blue sapphire while designing the Peranakan-inspired heirloom piece.

The ring finally made its way to Italy, where under the pretence of having looking for truffles in Tuscany, M proposed to K. Amidst the picturesque countryside, with the arrival of autumn, as the trees shed one of the last few leaves, M and K went from “dating” to “engaged”. M and K wrote to us detailing the proposal and it felt as if we were there. We’re incredibly happy for this couple and know that their years to come will be as eventful and joyful as this story.

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