Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sculptural Jade, Cherry Blossom Collection

The Sculptural Jade, Cherry Blossom collection made its successful debut in Paris and London Fashion Week. Using cherry blossoms as the main motif, the collection weaves the sculptural flower with jade, bronze and natural gemstones.
Sculptural Cherry Blossom Grade A Jade Bangle in 18KT rose and white gold. Studded with brilliant round white topazes and moonstone cabochons. 

Intricate petals of this cherry blossom sits against the petite Grade A jadeite doughnut. Gemstones used Rhodolite Garnets. 

Founder and principal designer Choo Yilin shares, “Our label has become synonymous with making jade, a traditional Chinese icon, accessible to the modern woman and we wanted to bring even more of Chinese culture through our designs. When researching which icons to use, we fell in love with the cherry blossom because of its organic femininity”. 

Trio of bronze cherry blossom flowers in different stages of bloom rest on a Grade A jadedite ring. Gemstones used are london blue topaz, rhodolite garnet and white moonstone. 

Tammy Soh, designer to the label quips, “We have been talking about pushing the design envelope a lot and one of the ways to do so was to move towards an increased sculptural look that we don’t often see in the jewellery world. This collection shows our first collection that features the sculptural motif very strongly and we are very proud of that.” 
Grade A jade Sculptural Doughnut ring, embellished with a trio of cherry blossom flowers, in different stages of bloom. The gemstones used are white topaz, sky blue topaz and moonstone cabochon. 

The sculptural collection features hand-cut grade A jadeite in pale green and lavender, woven with bronze, sterling silver and 18KT gold vermeil with well-faceted, natural gemstones. 

A large sculptural cherry blossom sits nested amidst a woven trellis. Gemstones used above: Amethysts, pink amethysts, london blue topazes and sapphires. 

This ready-to-wear collection is available at Sulin Serio, Doorstep Luxury and What Women Want for a limited time. Email for pre-orders.
Open-ended cocktail ring, embellished with multiple gemstones: lemon quartz, blue sapphire, sky blue topaz and london blue topaz. 

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