Monday, December 9, 2013

Project Faith in Love - from Y's eyes

Earlier, we shared the story of Y and R. Today, we continue with the sequel of Project Faith in Love from Y's eyes. Refer to the prequel of Project Faith in Love  and images on our Facebook Page

Project Faith in Love (from Y’s eyes)

I was in a bit of a panic. It was 2 weeks till the proposal date and I still had not found a ring to propose with. Everything else was planned and more or less ready to go but the proposal couldn’t happen without a ring. I searched the major jewelry stores in town but couldn’t find one that I know would be right for R. I also was not sure of her ring finger size yet. Time was running out. But God was good to me and out of the blue, one of R’s friends dropped me a message on facebook to check out Choo Yilin’s jewelry. After a night of browsing through their work, I was sold. This is what I wanted to get R. A unique, one-of-a-kind ring that could be designed by us. The first phone call came quickly and it was great, Yilin solved my problem of an engagement ring by suggesting I use one of their “Tying the knot” rings. I went down to buy the “Tying the knot” ring  and this is where faith played a big part. There was only one left and I just bought it. And to keep the story short, it fitted perfectly when I proposed and R loved the “Tying the knot” ring.

After that, the search for the gemstones for the actual ring started in earnest. I wanted to give R a 3-stone engagement ring, as it would reflect our marriage, 2 of us with God in the centre. After some months of searching, I was getting a bit worried again if it would be in time for the wedding. But again I was taught a lesson in faith as we entered the 4th month, as a set of 3 sapphires were found and it was such a rare find. The blue sapphire centre piece with 2 pale yellow trilliant sapphires were what we hoped for - subtle and lovely, and we loved the reminder of the sea and the sand through the colours as well. 

Tammy then did a great job of coming up with a ring design that encapsulated things R liked, like nature (tree branches, leaves) that left us wondering how it could be any better. But she managed to one-up it by creating the gallery space showing the wave analogy of our relationship, with its foundation in Christ. I meant for it to be a surprise for R, to be revealed when I presented the ring to her - and she loved it.

This journey was really remarkable and one that was really made in faith. From the initial engagement ring to the search for the gemstones to the designing of the ring, the fact that it all came together within the 6 month period before the wedding is something only God can orchestrate. Our deepest appreciations to all at Choo Yilin Artisan Jewellery, for being an instrumental part in this journey!

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