Sunday, December 1, 2013

Project Faith in Love

When Y and R commissioned us to create their engagement ring, they shared with us their relationship story using a beautiful analogy of the sea, which they both love – they saw themselves as two separate waves within the vastness of the oceans and through the ebb and flow of currents, they finally met and fell in love. They wanted a ring that reflects their faith that was so integral in their journey from two individuals to a couple ready to make a life-long commitment to each other.

The unheated blue sapphire gemstone represented their faith and the two trilliant sapphires represented Y and R.

As we will share in more pictures on our Facebook, you will notice that on the underside of the ring, we carved out an image of the beautiful analogy that Y and R shared with us – that they were two waves in the vastness of the ocean, and that found each other through their faith.

We’ve often said that the ring is a powerful symbol to a lot of people and Y and R is testament to that. Contact us to create your very own bespoke heirloom project – stories of love. Created for you, by you.

More pictures of Project Faith in Love on our Facebook soon.

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