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Project Jewellery Designer - From His Eyes

Project Jewellery Designer – top view of the ring

From P’s eyes, the groom shares his side of the story.

The proposal was not unanticipated. Since I had moved to Singapore, closing a two-year intercontinental phase in our relationship, C’s hints had been slowly losing their subtlety. This culminated in a compulsory tour around level 1 of Ngee Ann City. She had her ring size measured, which I promptly misremembered. But I wasn’t sold. I was sold on C of course, but not on the rings on offer. The pitch we received was that this was a classic – thousands of women had worn it before. I wanted something unique to us.

A long work trip and visit back home to the UK gave me an opportunity to prepare. I called Yilin, who was also in London. She did not have to do much to convince me. I knew C would enjoy the process of creation as much as the ring itself (and a lot more than a ring I could have picked out on my own). I had read about the ‘tying-the-knot’ ring on her blog. It suited my needs perfectly – a temporary stand-in so that I would not have to propose empty-handed. It turned out to be much more than that – C likes it too much to stop wearing it even now she has the real deal.

I returned to Singapore, picked up the tying-the-knot ring and was ready to go. I was eager and chose the earliest day I could expect some decent time together – the first day of the school holidays. I underestimated the amount of energy the term’s teaching had taken out of her and she fell asleep – for several hours – half way through my proposal. Other than this small hiccup, and the ring not fitting, things went according to plan.

Feeling pleased with myself after the successful proposal, I was happy to take a back seat while C discussed the ring with Yilin and Tammy. My limited man brain struggled to visualise the ring, even when we received the renderings. Fortunately I didn’t have any actual decision-making power. The process ran smoothly – just a few emails, skype calls, and a couple of trips to Choo Yilin's HQ to get the stand-in resized (a good excuse to have lunch in Katong). 

Before I knew it, Yilin called to say the ring was ready. This was followed by a crafty email from Tammy to Claudia: “I will get back to you next week on the completion date”, setting up a romantic surprise that even I couldn’t mess up. Actually, I did manage to mess it up as I had to leave for another work trip. But we got there eventually, and the ring is stunning. When I got it home I took it out to make sure I hadn’t dropped it on the AYE. I couldn’t believe the craftsmanship. Apparently it was made in Thailand, but I suspect Yilin has a secret arrangement with the Elves of Lothlórien.

I can only second what C wrote to Yilin… (to be continued in another post)

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