Friday, February 21, 2014

A Delightful Indulgence

A Delightful Indulgence – top view of the ring

D is a beloved old friend to us, commissioning many pieces since our founding days. For this bespoke heirloom project, she had only one request – she wanted it to match a pair of simple moonstone and diamond studs she had commissioned earlier

The pair of moonstone studs we did earlier, with diamond studded leaves cusping the stones set in 18KT gold. D wanted them to look like pearls.

We were really excited to find a perfectly spherical moonstone in an almost identical shade to the earring studs. And, letting the earlier piece guide our design, this was the final result, complete with a three-dimensional diamond-studded flower peeking out from the side of this special project.  

A Delightful Indulgence – side view of the ring

A project from Choo Yilin's bespoke heirloom line - creating stories for you, by you.

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